Windhoek – Its been a whirlwind year for UHC’s Training department, having provided training to over 200 D&M Rail Construction staff between May and November 2020. The one-day training workshops took the UHC team to Omaruru, Kalkfeld and Otjiwarongo where groups of 40-45 people were provided with invaluable knowledge and insight into the macro and micro-economic and social-cultural dynamics of communications.

The training arrived as a timely response to enhance the morale and skill set of the workers  the coronavirus pandemic. “Its been a challenging year for all businesses worldwide and D&M Rail Construction had the foresight to initiate training which not only served to provide workers with certain essential communications tools but also with the knowledge to adapt in an ever changing, fast-paced world, filled with challenges as we have witnessed this year,” communications trainer, Usi //Hoebeb says.

UHC Trains 200 Staff Members Of Railway Construction Giant

The desired outcome, reflected by the topics covered by the training included equipping workers with strategies for resolving workplace conflicts; develop inter-personal communication techniques; encourage adherence and respect for organisational chain of command; work towards the development of team cohesion to achieve greater effectiveness.

In addition, the workers were exposed to the benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace and mental strategies geared towards perception management.

For his part, the Training Manager for D&M Rail Construction, Mr Edwardt Kambongarera, says that “a safe, happy work environment is essential if we wish to achieve good production, especially in our railway construction space.  Therefore, this training not only served to highlight the critical nature of the topics such as communication, but also motivated our teams whose morale was also adversely affected by the effects of the pandemic. I am confident we can close off the year and start the new year on a positive note…Inspired and motivated!”

Armed with scientifically backed data and a working knowledge of the communication landscape, the training was spearheaded by communications expert Usi //Hoebeb who was assisted by his team.

The team wishes to thank the entire D & M Rail Family for its outstanding co-operation and participation in what was, a successful endeavour.

DATE:                       MONDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 2020



Contact:          Usi //Hoebeb

Tel:                  +264 81 42 40 935