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We are a Strategic Communications, Public Relations, Marketing and Events Management Company.

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All effective communications/marketing activities have a consecutive methodology which enables the business to, in essence, position itself favourably within its market segments.
In this regard, we provide necessary services, individually or in combination, to our clients.

“Effective communication is the very leading edge of business strategy, essential in moving any organisation / business dramatically forward in meeting its corporate objectives.”

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Usi Hoebeb Communications has a distinct ability to get to the ‘soul of the business’ as they call it. Putting effective communications at the centre of corporate decision-making and therefore meeting business objectives. The experience of its principal Usi //Hoebeb is evident in their approach to strategy development, which is underpinned by a methodological process with a logical output.

In 2017 the College approved a three-year Communications and Marketing Strategy streamlined with the College`s Strategic Development Plan. The implementation commenced in January 2018.

I can, without any hesitation recommend UHC for development of similar high level strategies and plans that resonates well with the corporate culture and intent.

Rholene Bok

“Usi Hoebeb Communications has developed NAMDIA’s Communications Strategies as well as our CSI strategies. Usi and his team have a great understanding of communications and its critical role in meeting corporate objectives. UHC’s understanding of different stakeholders roles in shaping opinion of an organization and skills in implementing effective strategies are highly valued.”
Lelly Usiku
General Manager : Marketing and sales

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