Development and implementation of integrated and multi-faceted communications and public relations strategies

UHC has alliances with a wide range of professional preferred service providers, providing critical support in areas associated with delivering a superior service to our clients but outside of our core functions.

We provide the following services, individually or in combination, to our clients:

Public Relations

Development of campaigns which aim to achieve desired business results

Crisis Management Strategies

Organizations would require to be on the alert when identifiable and other crises occur. We develop crisis communications strategies based on potential crises events.

Corporate Communications

Effective and measurable communications strategies are the very leading edge of business strategy, essential in moving any organisation/business dramatically forward in meeting its corporate objectives.

Our integrated communications strategies follow an effective methodology which involves the crafting of strategies based on surveys (dip-stick, desktop or more in-depth) which lead to measurable strategies for both internal and external stakeholder engagement to ensure optimum buy-in of product/service or ideology.

Media Relations

We believe in the age-old adage that “if you do not speak to the media, it will speak FOR YOU”.
We value the vital role the media plays in our democratic society as the “fourth estate” and therefore understand its power in being able to relay large amounts of positive messages to a wide and varied target audience.
Through our extensive relationship with media, we craft stories which can cut through the clutter of media exposure

Environment Scans

Environmental scanning is the art of systematically exploring the external environment to identify potential opportunities and future developments of an organisation.
Using media reports as a basis of understanding this environment we develop strategies on how best to deal with issues which may arise.

Work Climate Surveys

A conducive work climate is a vital component for employee satisfaction and therefore productivity. We develop tailor-made surveys which assist our clients in developing effective interventions to ensure employee satisfaction and productivity.

Design Services

Innovative designs are critical in ensuring the effective reach of messages to target markets. Our design teams are as varied as the Namibian landscape and provide innovative creative and targeted services.

Media Planning & Buying

With a myriad of media to choose from, it is crucial to ensure that the right media mix (including traditional, digital and new media) is targeted for specific campaigns.
Our understanding of the media environment ensures optimum utilisation of the media space.

Electronic Media Production

We produce TV and radio commercials as well as documentaries and other electronic media marketing materials.

Speech writing, copywriting and editing

With over 20 years of speechwriting, writing for media and media reporting, we provide cost effective copywriting and editing services.

Team Building

Staff often lose the consciousness of the essential connection between their FUNCTION and the reason for the EXISTENCE of their organisation. Therefore, organisation take their staff/work teams out of their normal work-routine, because the routine sometimes lulls them into the complacency of just doing my job. A corporate team-building/Staff Fun Day can therefore initiate the re-establishment of this connection for staff and in so doing create a Together Everyone Achieves More mindset. We develop TAILOR-MADE activities for team building within the principles of corporate soul-searching.

Event Management

A well-executed event can be a powerful marketing tool, essential in driving a well-crafted message to its intended audiences. We work from the premise that a professionally organised event is as crucial to a marketing drive as other marketing initiatives. Our professional team handles all aspects of any event ranging from invitation management, speechwriting and media relations to ensuring that guests are treated to innovative and professional experiences. You tell us the objective that you would wish to reach with your event and we will ensure that we meet these requirements using our professional expertise.


Focusing on communications and customer care training, we provide an academic yet practical approach based on our clients’ needs.

Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing expertise, we will take your business to new heights in the Social Media and Digital Media spheres. Our team is highly skilled in the areas of website design, SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, online CRM and digital strategy.

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