Windhoek – A local Public Relations Agency has started rolling out a series of free training workshops for unemployed youth in the Katutura area of Windhoek. The workshops are part of the agency’s efforts to tangibly assist unemployed youth in their quest to making their first steps towards finding a job or starting their own business endeavours.

Communications Expert and Trainer, Usi //Hoebeb (far right) with the group of unemployed youth proudly displaying their Certificates of Attendance.

During the past week and as part of this programme, USI HOEBEB COMMUNICATIONS (UHC), assisted the youth in developing and updating their Curriculum Vitaes, ensuring that they include all relevant information which may be required by a potential employer and making their CVs more presentable. This was followed by a training workshop on Saturday, 17 August 2019 focusing on topics such as:

  • Communicating effectively in a culturally diverse world
  • Personal branding and ambassadorship
  • Discovering personal purpose

Communications Strategist and trainer Usi //Hoebeb, who has over 25 years experience in the communications and PR industry says that the youth are faced with immense challenges in their lives. “Teenage pregnancies; drugs and alcohol abuse amongst youth; school drop outs and other such challenges are symptoms and consequences of bigger problems such as joblessness and therefore poverty amongst our communities. We cannot merely stand by and watch the very communities in which we grew up, degenerate into a state of hopelessness,” //Hoebeb says.

This new programme, therefore aims to equip the unemployed youth with both that first tangible paperwork required when looking for work and “learn how to effectively communicate in a increasingly competitive world; identify and embrace their talents; find their purpose and develop self-worth so as to face the diverse and often difficult job market with the confidence needed to achieve success,” according to //Hoebeb.

UHC has partnered in this endeavor with the SAINTS support group, which has, since 2017 been hosting Christian fellowship meetings in the Nama location area of Windhoek.

For Nadieshta Jahs-Hoebeb, the Founder of the SAINTS group, it was no longer enough to merely share the Word of God. “We need to go beyond just preaching. We need to ensure that we help our communities rise above the consequences of joblessness by equipping our youth to become employable, earn an income and contribute to the economic development of their communities,” she says.

This is the first of many such social upliftment endeavours planned by UHC. “We assisted with the development and updating of over 30 CVs and trained over 35 unemployed youth (who received Certificates of Attendance) in mainly around the area known as Damara location in Katutura and aim to host one more such exercise in the same area, before moving on to other areas in Katutura such as Dolam, Shandumbala and others. Furthermore, we would wish to host at least two such endeavours per month in identified areas for the next three months, whereafter we will evaluate the impact, make adjustments where required and plan ahead for the next year.

We provide this service (developing and updating CVs as well as the training which includes training materials and refreshments) for free as part of our Corporate Social Investment endeavours and are grateful for partners such as ConSoAV (projectors and screens) and New Creation Advertising (printing of training materials) for their willingness to assist in this endeavor. We are also grateful to the local Goreangab Junior Secondary School and in particular its principal, Mrs Nafuka, who was willing to make the school facilities available as training venues,” //Hoebeb concluded.




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