So, I had an interesting encounter (or three) recently where upon being introduced by clients (two different sets of clients on the same day) to some other Public Relations Professionals and , the following conversation took place:
Them: “Oh hi. Nice to meet you but I don’t know you..” or “Oh Hi. I have never heard of you..”
Me: “Have you heard of my client so and so..?”
Them: “Well yes of course……”
Me: “ Well good. Then I have done my job”

You see, I have only recently started “promoting” my skills and services after 20 years of serving various organisations shape their relationships with their stakeholders. I have worked inside organisations such as TransNamib and Skorpion Zinc as their PR Professional. I have developed communications/PR strategies for organisations such as the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO); Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL; various government ministries and managed communications for major international conferences.

And my company Usi Hoebeb Communications (UHC) serves as the Communications agency for Namibia’s latest entry into the diamond industry, Namib Desert Diamonds (NAMDIA) and China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) currently constructing the Container Terminal in the Walvis Bay harbour.

I have led a team which branded the Elections House (ECN) in 2014; a team which hosted a 250-person Teambuilding weekend for the Social Security Commission and led a team of creative to win a host of advertising awards way back in 2005.

I am not a new entrant to the industry.
The only reason you may not have heard of me, is because my clients should and always do take priority. They always take the shine and the credit. Its because it is always about the client and their message. Its never about my own self-importance, self-indulgence and self-promotion.
Until now, and if this sounds a little self-indulgent… Well maybe it is… Just this one time!
God Bless you